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Thương hiệu: Maxim Integrated
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Mã lưu trữ: A132204
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Đơn vị: Cái
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DS18B20 reports degrees C with 9 to 12-bit precision, -55C to 125C (+/-0.5C). Each sensor has a unique 64-Bit Serial number etched into it - allows for a huge number of sensors to be used on one data bus. This is a wonderful part that is the corner stone of many data-logging and temperature control projects.



  • Unique 1-Wire® interface requires only one port pin for communication
  • Each device has a unique 64-bit serial code stored in an onboard ROM
  • Multidrop capability simplifies distributed temperature sensing applications
  • Requires no external components
  • Can be powered from data line. Power supply range is 3.0V to 5.5V
  • Measures temperatures from –55°C to +125°C (–67°F to +257°F)
  • ±0.5°C accuracy from –10°C to +85°C
  • Thermometer resolution is user-selectable from 9 to 12 bits
  • Converts temperature to 12-bit digital word in 750ms (max.)
  • User-definable nonvolatile (NV) alarm settings
  • Alarm search command identifies and addresses devices whose temperature is outside of programmed limits (temperature alarm condition)
  • Applications include thermostatic controls, industrial systems, consumer products, thermometers, or any thermally sensitive system





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