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Cập nhập lần cuối: 2017-06-26 21:22:02
Lượt xem: 725
Mã Sản phẩm: CC02050406
Nhà sản xuất:
Số lượng 1 - 56+
Giá 480,000440,000
Số lượng:
Tiền tệ: VNĐ

RT5350 full-function wireless Access Point module


Product Introduction:

RT5350 module is our new low-cost embedded Ethernet Wifi - Wireless module. Wireless AP router using support IEEE802.11b / g / n of dedicated single chip module, built-360M of MIPS CPU and wireless baseband and RF front-end and a variety of peripheral bus. Based on IEEE 802.11b / g / n standards, providing up to 150Mbps data transfer. Ethernet module provides extended, USB, I2S, I2C, SPI, UART interfaces via pins.


Widely used in:

* Wired turn wireless WIFI network switches

* WIFI Trunking Gateway

* Wireless AP Router

* Smart Home

* Serial to WIFI

* Industrial Wifi equipment

* Radio advertising

* 3G Wireless Products

* Wireless Storage Products

* Wireless bridge products

* Wireless Receiver


This product is based on the universal serial interface conforms to the network standard embedded module, built TCP / IP protocol stack, enabling users to serial ports, three conversion interface between Ethernet, wireless network (Wifi).

By WM5350 module, the traditional serial device without requiring any configuration changes to the situation, you can through the Intenet own data transmission network. For users of serial devices provide a quick solution to transfer data via Ethernet.







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IEEE 802.11 b/g, Embedded IPv4 TCP/IP stack

TX power: +18.0 dBm, RX sensitivity: –88 dBm

Works with low MIPS and low-cost MCUs